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STR: 155    INT: 25

AGL: 55     WLP: 30

DEX: 45     FTH: 10

REF: 40     FOC: 65

FOR: 180    PSY: 45

PER: 10     LCK: 10

FEAR: 95




The Wendigo is a creature born of the icy winds of the mountains. It appears as a giant white-furred beast with leathery black wings, its form shifting with the wind, parts of it seeming to blow away like snow.


Cold mountains and arctic wastes.

Modus Operandi[]

The Wendigo feasts on whatever living beings it finds in its home territory. It has been known to carry off moose and even polar bears for its dinner, but will settle for something as small as a human when it is found near its lair. It will often draw out its victims with Dreamscapes in which the victim sees a loved one or friend lost in the wastes. When the victim awakes, he will undoubtably go looking for them. To facilitate this, the Wendigo will use Mimic and Appear to call to them or show them images of the loved one just out of reach. If the victim does not  continue his search, the Wendigo will Hound him and continue its attempt to trap the target. The Wendigo will lead its victim to its lair, which will often be a hidden valley in the mountains. When the victim reaches the cliff overlooking the lair, the Wendigo will fly up and catch him as he falls, devouring him in midair and dropping the remains in the midst of the wastes.


A Wendigo, being a physical creature, can be killed as such. It will fight fiercely, but if it finds itself losing, it will use its many escape techniques. The best way to destroy it before it has the chance to do so is with fire.

Story Seed[]

At a research station in the Arctic Circle, researchers are disappearing. It has been suspected that they are simply getting lost in the snow and dying of exposure, but the body of one of the scientists has been dropped through the skylight, revealing the grim truth and setting a time limit for the investigation as everyone in the station begins to freeze to death.