Hero_At_Heart Wiki


STR: 55     INT: 20

AGL: 50     WLP: 30

DEX: 45     FTH: 40

REF: 45     FOC: 40

FOR: 50     PSY: 20

PER: 10     LCK: 25



Wild Orcun tend to be a whole lot more ugly than their Orcun kin, although also smaller and more agile. Certain among them, their "champions," are bigger and tougher, and a very few among them practice magic (normally just one or two shamans per group). They speak a very dumbed-down version of Darkspeak, preferring grunts and similar sounds to verbal communication.


Wild Orcun are often found in plains and wastelands, or in mountains and rocky crags. They tend to be nomadic and don't live in villages, but rather carry their homes with them and set up shop there until the resources are wasted away.